May 24, 2023

We look forward to gathering this week! Here is what you can expect:
  • Small Group Bible Studies – Session 13: Do You Love Me? (John 21:15-23)*
*Be sure to pick up a new SS book for the Summer Quarter that begins 6/4. New class information available.
  • Children’s Sunday School Classes
  • TeenLife Sunday School

  • Worship Service - Nourished Up in the Words of Faith (I Timothy 4)
  • Children’s Church
  • Nursery – C. Morrison / S. Rehmel

  • Evening Service
  • Blast Night for KidzLife (You will get wet, so dress accordingly)
  • TeenLife
  • Nursery - L. Fisher / A. Jones / E. Lee

  • Mid-Week in the Word: Christology: The Doctrine of Christ
Questions we will answer:
  1. Is Jesus fully God?
  2. Was Jesus fully man?
  3. Was it necessary for Jesus to die?
  4. Does Jesus have a resurrected body?
  5. What is Christ doing now?

  • College & Career Group
  • Lois & Ernie Eaton: continued prayer for health & grace
  • Fritzi & Sue Sips: Fritzi’s chemo treatments
  • Donna Halstead: had shoulder surgery; home & recovering
  • Bill Parrish (Debbie Parish Uncle): 95, lung cancer
  • Eugene Hause (Vera Parrish brother in law): died in house fire
  • Dick Parrish
  • Dennis & Nancy Norris (parents of Mindy Burns): strength & wisdom as Mindy & family are caring for the needs of Dad & Mom
  • Scott Bower (John Bower’s older brother): having breathing problems; trying to determine cause, supposed to see multiple specialists
  • Evelyn Bower: injured foot on trampoline; possible fracture; 2nd x-ray next week to rule out any fracture or break
  • Litz Family: continued prayers for strength & comfort
  • Kenfield Family: continued prayers for strength & comfort
  • Patrick Fisher (son of Susan Fisher): Wagner’s Disease; health is dramatically declining; strong treatments in hospital starting 5/26
These totals do not reflect any monies that were received online after 05/17/2023 or monies received in the office after 05/21/2023. Those totals will be reflected in next week’s offering totals.

General: $8,769.15
Missions: $898.00
All money from mortgage will now go towards renovation & repairs

Ways to give:
  • Click here to give one time, or set up recurring giving online.
  • Drop-off at the church through the week
(Office hours are Mon-Thur: 8:30am-3:00pm)
  • Mail: Lifeway Baptist Church
7821 W. State Rd. 46 / Ellettsville, IN 47429