Student ministry

A place for teens to:

Hear and learn God's Word.
Have some serious fun together.
Truly care for one another.

What is Impact?

Think of a growing tree. The strong roots of a tree will impact everything around it—the ground, other plant life, even something as strong as concrete. Impact student ministries is like that. Christians are completely impacted by the good news of the Gospel. They are no longer dead and rooted in their sin, but alive and rooted in Christ. Those rooted in Christ will also have an impact on everything around them. We desire for our students to both experience and express the impact of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Our Ambition

To see the upcoming generation to know and grow in the Gospel.

Our Approach

Relying on Christ, partnering with parents, surrounding with invested youth leaders, and incorporating with the church body.


Get connected. Have fun.
Christian friendship is something God gives us! Regular activities and events are intentionally planned to give you an opportunity to develop deeper, Gospel friendships. For more information please call the church office, talk with our youth staff, or pickup an Impact event calendar from the church lobby.


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Impact Meetings

Sundays 9:00am

Every student in grades 6-12 get together for Bible study and Prayer. This meeting is focused more specifically on learning the Bible a book at a time.

Sundays 5:00pm

Our evening student gathering involves fun games, singing, time in the Word, and discussion breakout. About once a month, youth join the rest of the Church body for communion and family growth.

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